Mama Rattlesnake 2016

Mama Rattlesnake 2016

Symmetry Boutique and Gallery

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One of Earth’s oldest animals, the snake has been both revered and reviled since the beginning of time.  Snake is a sign of death and rebirth, of transformation and initiation into new realms.  Snake is healing medicine and a symbol of both health and alchemy.  The Kundalini or Serpent Fire lies at the base of our spine and can activate many internal energy centers, opening new dimensions of healthy awareness and creativity.  According to the Chinese calendar, Snake also symbolizes clairvoyance, compassion and charm.  It is believed that Snake can foretell imminent challenges, and as guardians of secrets and treasures, can show us the ability to transcend from our pasts to our futures.

Because each piece is completely handmade, no two are ever exactly alike and once the design titles are all used, that design is gone forever. This renders each piece unique and collectible.  Every color in each design is actually a different piece of clay, no paint.  Created by artist Jon Anderson.

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